Have you seen the movie the hurt locker? I would not be able to disarm bombs knowing the could go off any second! In real life it is much more dangerous. The people that disarm the bombs face lots of danger. In the movie you might have been thinking why are the guys with no suits on guarding the buildings the bomb could blow and kill them. They were guarding him because sometimes the terrorists will plant a bomb and wait to snipe the person disarming it or even shoot them with a r.p.g.( rocket propelled grenade)


Now that would be scary to see one of those heading towards you.

The war in Afghanistan is a a very scary thing. With all the shooting and bombs. that is just what war is I guess. I personally think that war is wrong and I have herd that we could have solved world hunger with the money spent on war. How do countries like Afghanistan plan to take on places like Canada, The united states, and so on. When they spend millions of dollars on war each year. When they don’t even have there countries support.


Canadian forces jumping out of a helicopter.

Now that group of country’s will be able to take anyone is what I think its just to big of a force. This is a very real matter we can cry to the country’s about not going into war and spending so much money on war but they spend so much for self defense to keep us safe.

a video of the Taliban.