What is the most important science, math, or English. I guess for me it would be math because every job that I know of you need math. Even for very simple things. If you want to know ten awesome jobs that require math are in this link. Math is required in many different things around the world. Such as to go grocery shopping, do taxes, and even for some things in science. With out math we wouldn’t be where we are today. The Romans used math to¬† build buildings. They used geometry to build it all too.

That is why math is important to use too. What if they would have just winged it and shot him he could have died. (Now that does look fake but it was on continuous shot.)

This one shows all the different ways that you could do math too all the different things that you could add of multiply.

Now some people might like to argue that science of English (or as we know it in our town e.l.a English language arts) is better. Science is good too because it allows us to invent new things and cures for diseases.


English helps us have better understanding with each other through writing and to be more picky about little things. If you always spell every word right then you will tell people about everything that they do that you don’t like.

So would you rather grow at a surprisingly rate and keep lots from dieing, have a low population and have very advanced buildings and technology, or have a low population with a great understanding of each other.

good thing that we don’t have to choose in real life.