In chapters 9-12 the wave changes and becomes stronger.

In the begging of the chapters Ben finds that his class has grown, kids that had preps and study hall time were now coming into his class for the wave. There are even a few that are skipping other class they are supposed to be in to come to the wave’s class. Later that day Laurie was in the publications office talking to everyone on the newspaper that they were going to be late again. She ended up being told that she should write about the wave since she was a member of it. That night Laurie went home and was studying that night when her mom came in and they started to talk about Robert billings and how it was like he had just joined a cult. Laurie and her mom got in a little argumentĀ  over the wave but Laurie understood where her mom was coming from.

The next Day Mr. Ross was in the teachers lounge when somebody said that he had to go down to principle Owens office. He and principle Owens had a long talk about the wave, making sure that Mr. Ross had it under control. Principle Owens asked Mr. Ross about the wave and if he would have a parade of parents coming into his office shouting about them introducing there kids to something.

When Laurie went to the publications office early that morning when she was there she found a note that was for the newspaper it said that this guy and his friends went to Mr.Ross’s class to see what the wave thing was all about when they were about to leave a senior stopped them and asked them if they wanted to join the wave two of his friends said yes, two said I don’t know and he said he wasn’t interested. The senior convinced the two friends that said I don’t know to join and then started to pressure the guy that said I don’t know he told the guy that he better join before it is to late. The letter asked, to late for what? Later that day Mr.Ross was walking down the hallway when he felt like he was being followed, he turned around and there was Roberts just smiling at him so he smiled back and kept on walking. He still felt like Robert was behind him so he turned around and there was Robert. He asked Robert why he was following him and he said because I am your body guard. Mr. Ross says “My what?” and Robert reply’s by saying I want to be your bodyguard. Seeing how much Robert had changed made Mr Ross say OK you can be my body guard.

Later that day there was a wave rally (pep rally) but Laurie didn’t want to go she told her boyfriend about how she didn’t like the wave and they got in a fight and broke up. During the wave rally Laurie was in the publications office afraid that someone might come in and take her to it but only people to come in were the school pranksters and they didn’t like the wave either. Laurie began to fear the wave a lot more at the begging of the day when she saw to guys fighting one was a member of the wave one was a non-member and was Jewish. When the fight was broken up the member of the wave yelled strength through discipline/action/ community. The other boy yelled oh shove it.


I wonder why Robert has taken such a big liking to the wave. At the beginning of the book i thought that he would have been one of the ones that would have stood up against the wave. He doesn’t seem like that type of person that like to be ordered around but he is now one of the top people in the wave because he is a monitor of the rest of them.

If Mr. Ross doesn’t want the whole wave thing to get our of hand then why did he let Robert become his body guard? I think that Mr. Ross is taking the whole wave thing even farther then the kids. I think he just gets so wrapped up in it that he forgets about everything else. I think that he has lost all control over the wave because if he couldn’t have stopped himself from carrying on at the beginning of the wave then how is he going to stop it now?

I wonder why Laurie’s boyfriend like the wave so much. It is clear that he likes the wave more then her if he is going to break up with her over something as simple as a little argument about theĀ  wave. What keeps the kids in the wave so caught up in the wave. Is it the fact that everyone is equal or is it that they have so much more power then before over the other kids.