Greece has a lot of illegal aliens or immigrants from other country’s. The Greek Citizen Protection minister Christos Papoutsis has decided to take action against the illegal immigrants in there country. He caused an uproar over his zero tolerance policy against illegal immigrants. He says “Greek society has reached its limits in taking in illegal immigrants. I want to make it clear that only those migrants entitled to international protection or asylum will remain in our country. Everyone else will leave Greece, either through voluntary repatriation or by mandatory expulsion.” quoted from global voices online.

Christos Papoutsis proposed that there be a fence built that stretched across 12.5 km the border between Greece and Turkey. His plans caused an uproar in Greece from  the native people to the country to the immigrants. If you check tweeter, Facebook, ect you will find the anger over it everywhere. Even some companies are outraged over the idea  of building a fence and keeping out lots of immigrants and even refugees. Refugees is a really big one because those are people leaving there country in times of war, persecution or political commotion looking for safety.

I understand why they would like to stop a lot more illegal immigrants from coming to the country. If they could stop that then more jobs would be in demand and they would have a lower unemployment percentage. If they keep the immigrants coming in very low for to long then their economy will start to go down because the less people you have in the country the less money gets spent on things like homes, cars and other things that build a life.

I still think that Greece would be a great place to visit. Greece would be a very cultured country even if they had less types of people.