Cameroon is a very big place but it is a fairly poor place too. They all have to make their own things or by things that are very expensive to them.

There are some very skilled people in Cameroon to. They have blacksmiths tailors and more. Their blacksmiths make something out of nothing there. All they use is scrap metal that they melt down into whatever they think they can sell the melt it into egg incubator, pots and pans, farming tools and even more. They are making a business in a place where it is all about making food. They can make anything that you would want to farm with. They can make a fair profit off of making there tools.

They may have started a trend and if they did then it won’t be to long until there country starts developing into a first world country. Africa is becoming more and more educated in how to make money, tools and more. If they continue to develop they may become one of the top country’s in the world. They could start manufacturing there tools. That means that there tools would be cheaper to make and that there would be more of them driving up there economy.

( found from global voices online)

If Africa’s economy went up then the countries around it would go up as well. People from different countries would move there for jobs. They would be able to manufacture more and more things allowing them to become a richer and richer country. If Africa became a rich country then they would change many things in the world. They would change world economy and U.N would be able to focus on other countries that need help with sicknesses and poverty.

If a Country was to become rich relatively fast they would get a stronger military force, but right now they are changing the lives of the people that live near them. They are making everyone’s life in their area better by supplying them with tools to grow better crops and make their ruts deeper into the ground. Better crops means better food and that means better health. We have all seen in the text books the evolution of the tools for farming and how it made everyone’s life easier and better.