Most people have heard about the tragic accident that happened on Saturday. In Revel stoke they were having a hill climbing contest and there was an avalanche. One of the people quoted that avalanches look like fluffy clouds.

See it looks fluffy.

The avalanche killed two fathers

That is how defecating avalanches can be.

What happened in Revel Stoke was tragic and I have read a lot of blogs about the subject and they all talk about how tragic the accident was but all the comments disagree with the post say that it was tragic but they brought it on themselves. It was clearly marked dangerous to go there and they took the risk and I completely agree with them on that they saw the warning but went ahead anyways putting themselves before their family. That isn’t true for them all though one widow said her husband was just a spectator now that is really tragic there. The only good thing that came out of it was that there is more avalanche awareness.

That is what they were doing during the avalanche.