We all want a job that pays lots but would you rather have a high paying  job or a job that you like. Everyone always says that you should have a job that you like. We had to do this assignment in class and it was about what we think we will be doing in 2025  and everyone imagined this huge house with everything they ever wanted but that is not the truth for everyone. When 2025 comes around I want to be a dentist but the job survey says I should be a millwright or anything with engines.In 2025 my goals will be to travel a lot. When 2025 comes I plan on being married and living in a fair sized house and have kids in a year or two but who know everyone just guesses we don’t even know what the earth will look like. What will the technology look like?


There is so much to think about in picking a job mainly it is just about doing something that you like to do. There are a lot of  different career tests that you can take. Career tests guess your career by using your strengths and weaknesses

As an example I got  careers like heavy mechanics technician because I like  tinkering with things and learning how to do new stuff.

Sometimes they are right I think my career test was pretty close but I would like to be a dentist more.


Many jobs as you see above you have to work your way up to the top threw many different levels of work. Some jobs you don’t have to work your way up to the though.