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The Book Thief And Rudy

he Book Thief is a very good book. It has everything from death to a crush and everything between.
Rudy Stiener plays a pretty big role in the Book thief. He becomes Liesel’s best friend, “he was there for her at the begging, and he would be there later on.” He makes her feel better about her Mother abandoning her at the orphanage. Rudy Stiener is a pretty big player. He even raced her for a kiss but they tied. He is a pretty nice guy to Liesel though. Everyone else is teasing Liesel and he became her friend.

Rudy is a different kid from everyone else because he doesn’t think that it is that bad to be different from Germans. He even wanted to be black back in WWII. At one part he covered himself in charcoal and want running around pretending to be Jesse Owens. His father is part of the Nazi party His father wasn’t to happy when he saw him running around covered in Charcoal. He was actually pretty calm about it. He told him that he shouldn’t be doing that and that he told him that he has “beautiful blond and safe blue eyes.”

Rudy is my favorite character in the whole book and I can tell that him and Liesel will be good friends for a long time. He is actually a very interesting character. He is so nice to Liesel but yet so mean at times. He cares about her but can be very rude to her at the same time. One point he hit her in the face with a snowball made of mostly mud. She acts like she doesn’t care about him but it seems like she does.


Was Hitler truly evil?

I think that Hitler was truly evil and was a man that should have been killed when the holocaust started. Hitler was often described as a very calm man when just approached as person to person but when in war planning he would scream and shout and bang the table.

Hitler was a very interesting man. By that I mean he was a pretty weird guy. He would often play pranks on his staff mainly the  Minister of foreign affairs. One time he tricked his minister of foreign affairs into thinking he was going on a suicide mission. His minister of foreign affairs ended up switching to the allies side and gave them crucial information. Hitler would eat two pounds of chocolate almost daily. He would also only take advise about the war from his advisory if his dog was healthy and happy. Hitler truly had some problems.

There were also over 21 failed attempts to assassinate Hitler. He ended up killing himself.

The scariest part of the war is that if Hitler had not started fighting against the Russians they where very likely to actually win the war.

Hitler was also a draft dodger. He was supposed to got to war for Austria but he left the country. Hitler must have been afraid to fight in a war but he was great at planning a war. Hitler was a very good leader of Germany he had gotten the Germans to accept all of his ideas and he got them to go to war thinking they were the best. Hitler convinced most if not all that they were the perfect creation and that everyone in different countries were imperfect. Everyone is imperfect, no matter where you live or what you look like no one is perfect. Even though many people knew they weren’t perfect Hitler got them to think that they were the best. He was a good leader, he was very good at talking and doing. Whenever a person who is good at talking his ideas and doing them rules the country will become strong.

Hitler was voted  into power by the German people. after he was voted in he slowly put forwards laws against Jewish people. Hitler took little steps towards the Holocaust. He took small steps to dehumanizing the Jewish people so killing 6 million people would be looked upon as killing 6 million animals. Hitler also put Germany on a war footing ( mass producing  tanks and guns and everything meant for war). Other countries noticed that and had a peace meeting about it because no one wanted to rage a war so close to WWII.

Germany was in a alliance with Italy, Russia, Japan and many more. Something that most people don’t know is that many of Germany’s alliances would often ship there Jewish people to Germany to be sent to a concentration camp. The war was basically lost for Germany when they started invading Russia. Germany was fighting from all angles at that point. Hitler was a great strategic leader of his troops until he invaded Russia. Under Hitlers rule Germany was an extremely strong country.

Hitler was truly a psychopath.

( This symbol usually means love and peace and so on. In Now people see it as war and death.)

Ecosystems. Everywhere!?

In science we are learning about ecosystems and everything that is in a ecosystem and what it is. We learned that a ecosystem has to have biotic (living things) and abiotic (non-living things)  to be a ecosystem. We went for a nature walk to  learn about ecological succession,bio accumulation, scavengers and biospheres. We learned that ecological succession is when the forest or a part of the forest is cut down or burnt down and then little shrubs and trees start regrowing. We saw a part of land that had been cleared out but bobcats that water had built up in and made a swamp that had cattails and everything. Scavengers are organisms (animals or micro organisms)  that eat the corpse of other organisms, they can also kill very small things that are not quick or dangerous like worms.

We did not see a scavenger eating a corpse but we saw a scavenger flying around. Bio accumulation is when chemicals or other man made things build up in the ecosystem. We saw rocks that had changed colour from the mine waste covering them and soaking into them. We did not get to see what a biosphere would look like but you almost see one everyday a group of organisms or animals in a pack.

photosynthesis is also something that makes up a ecosystem. it is a plant that produces it own food through sun light and oxygen. The two things that to me really make everything you look at a ecosystem are micro organisms and decomposers. Micro-organisms make things like tables and your mouth a ecosystem because the germs are living and some are dying. Decomposers are one of the most important things in our ecosystem they are the micro-organisms or full grown animals that eat the dead body of a animal that died from another organism or disease.

What The Web Is For.

We did a project in school about the piece what the web is for. We had to pick four words that we think the web is for and make a project about them. My four words were music, sharing, video and instant messaging.

Instant messaging to me means lots of things like getting to talk to family and friends that are far away. It also lets me video chat with the people I haven’t seen in a while. I talk to lots of friends that I see  almost everyday too. Instant messaging is more to me then just quick emails. it is a way for me to connect to people I haven’t seen in a while. I.M helps me be more human.

Video is something I use to relax. Video can be funny and make you laugh. It can also be very serious and make you sad. Lots of the videos and fake though and you have to be aware of that kind of stuff. Video is something that is easy to find and can bring people together over it. Video shows the difference and similarities between different people, some serious and some care free, while others are phonies.

Sharing brings everything together that is on the web. It allows people to share stuff that they think is cool. It lets people be themselves and find new friends that care about the same things. Sharing is what connects the web, sharing lets everyone be themselves with lots and lots of other people. Sharing to me is the most important thing on the web.

Music is a very important thing the me I listen to music everyday. I really enjoy it, it is so relaxing. Music is one on the most important things to me that the web can do.(What are yours?)  Music can be soothing and comforting of eerie, but to me music can be empowering. It helps people express themselves through someone elses art so much that it feels like there own.

(This is my project, the bottom is just a little bit cut off.)

My project show a lot of things. In the corners there are spider webs to represent how the web is connected but can be very messy at times. On the sides it has the names of big software but there all connected to show that different companies can still connect, if they can connect then everyone in the world can connect. There are speech bubbles show people connecting and music notes representing music. I picked blue for a back ground colour because to me it is neutral, it doesn’t remind me of any countries but of the world and all its flaws an perfections. The computer represents video and how they can be serous represented by the pitch black guy in the middle. The t.v is also blue because the news often has good things mixed with bad so it is a dark blue to be a content colour. The part that is cut off has a diagram of how news is spread on the internet.


In school we are working with people from Wingham and for this blog post i am doing the similarities and difference.

I noticed that a lot of the people  in Wingham like to play mw2 just like a few of us in Snow Lake just like me I like to quick scope and 360 people on my ps3. No people in my class play mw2 on x box 360 though.

I noticed that a a lot of people like to go outside and ride motor bikes or bicycles like here in Snow Lake. The kids in Wingham like to play a verity of  different spots like hockey, soccer and lots of other different sports. While Snow lake kids mainly had down volley ball and some hockey.

I also noticed that lots of the students in Snow Lake and in Wingham both like to go on Facebook. Most people from Wingham have a after school jobs sometimes. Most of the Snow Lake kids don’t have after school jobs.

I like to play video games and sports and I do alright in school. My favorite video game is Modern Warfare Two. At first I was really bad at it now I can get nukes easily and long shot quick scopes. My Favorite sport is hockey or Taekwondo because there very physical sports and I like to be physical.

Another Year!!! YA!

Another year, another day, more fun to be had. I would like to be home playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2  but over all I enjoy school a lot. My name is Austin and I life in a small town called Snow Lake. There is stuff to do here but not as much stuff as in the city but we have some fun here. We go Dirt biking and Ski-doing along with Hockey, Martial arts, and gaming out. Live in Snow lake for me is relaxed and calm. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have interesting times here and there. A few years ago my mom got a piece of glass right threw her had when she slipped at the dump. I also lost a family member this summer that I would rather not talk about.  We even have an annual car show that is pretty cool.

The theme that a book has can make or break a book. A book often has many themes though. Some people like sad themes other scary.

The main theme in my book is war and freedom. I know that my book is about war and freedom because it has tons of army on army fights and sieges. The slaves in my book are fighting for there freedom against armies of  draconians. The last theme in my book is friendship. The whole book is about friend ship. They will not sacrifice a friend for a win in a battle.

(There weapons are a lot like the ones in the link.)

The theme of war in my book is because of all the fighting that is done. They only fight for there freedom but I will talk about freedom later. The humans, elf’s, dwarfs, kinder’s, and gnomes rage a war against the draconians and there dragons. A war also breaks out between the humans and the elf’s over a dragon orb that they think will end the war. The characters fight against all sorts of creatures to win the war. If they did not wage a war against the dragons, draconians and goblins everything would be lost. All the beautiful and peaceful would be lost to ugly and evil which they will never get back. The whole world would be drenched in the blood of loved ones.

( The death of something beautiful.)

Another theme that  is in my book is freedom. Freedom is a very important theme to me because there are tons of people fighting for freedom even now in days and that I have the right of freedom where I live. I think that the theme of freedom makes the book that much better because they are not people that are fighting for power of wealth they are fighting for themselves and others. Freedom should be the drive of every hero no everyone to do good things around the world. To help people when they are hurt, stop thieves and  think about other peoples rights. Freedom is such a big roll in my book because everyone that is fighting for good if fighting for there freedom along with everyone else and there is no other time you should kill in a war except in defense.

(Flight of a bald eagle, symbol of freedom.)

Friendship is another big one. Friendship allows a whole other type of writing. It allows the tough unmoving characters to seem just that little bit softer. It also lets them feel softer in a way that  you could imagine. Imagine if your best friend had just died for you. You would feel the same as the characters in the book.

Colored mix by OSVALDRU.

( The mixing of different personalities.)

Author’s Craft

The author of my book uses a lot of quotes that are able to be made by the detail she uses. She will describe a weapon very well just to use it in a quote later in the book. “The half-elf felt a shudder run through his body, a pain as swift and as sharp as a elven spear.”

The author has very good detail in the writing. Not so much that it is boring to read and not so little that we have barley any idea about the person. The Author writes just enough description that you have a good idea of what they look like but you can still add your own imagination to it. She also adds very little description to the character that you aren’t meant to like. The people that are evil though are described very well. There are the evil people in this book and the evil gods then there are the people that you don’t like.

( The evil dark queen along with some minor characters.)(The guards)

Then there are some parts that aren’t described that well like the description of  the statue of Raistlin. “Looming out of the swirling mist, rising nine feet in the air was a stone statue carved in perfect likeness to the young mage.” To me that is a bad description because Raistlin was one of the characters they gave a very brief description on. To someone else that might be a could description. Maybe because they like imagining the characters.

(That is Raistlin and I was sort of surprised when I saw that. I didn’t picture him that way.)

The characters in To The Gates Of  Palanthas are Tanis, Sturm, Tasslehoff (Tas), Flint, Fizban, Caramon, Goldmoon, Riverwind, and Raistlin are the main characters. The big conflict is that the dragon armies are invading but they can’t be stopped because they have ferocious dragons above them. The actually dragon army that is marching are little dragons that can’t fly and are easily killed by a skilled swordsmen. To defeat the dragon army they have to find the good dragons and use them to fight along side them along with the dragon lances. The main thing that could end the war is the dragon orbs. The dragon orbs are made of so strong of magic that they can turn the evil dragons on themselves.

The first character Tanis is who is half elf and half human(Two races that hate each other.) He is the only elf that most people have seen that has grown a beard (Only elf’s can’t grow beards.) So he is stuck between people calling him half elfin and elf’s calling him half human. His own conflict is going on even more because he loves a elf and a human that is Caramon’s sister.

(Tanis is the one in the front loading the bow)

The second character is Sturm he is a normal height guy that is in good physical shape. His father was a knight in the country Solamnia and he wanted to become a knight too. His conflict was over come already. It was to become a knight but a very high ranking knight didn’t want him to become a knight. The high ranking knight is Derek  and he accused Strum of being a coward. The charge could mean all the way up to death for him.

( This is Sturm)

The other characters characters Tas, Fizban, Goldmoon, Riverwind don’t have a conflict among themselves. Tas is as tall as a little kid now in days along with flint . Tas has long hair and Flint has a white beard. Tas is very skinny and flint is wide. Goldmoon and Riverwind are two humans from the same barbarian tribe. Goldmoon is a tall human with shining silver hair. She also has a kind of personality that will make a person feel strong and brave. Riverwind is her husband that is very tall and muscular. His personality is very strong he always has no emotion on his face except when he is next to Goldmoon you can see love on his face.

(Tasslehoff burrfoot)

Then there is Caramon and Raistlin majere. Caramon is super strong and isn’t very bright. He is also pretty tall. His brother Raistlin is a mage that is very smart but very weak.

To The Gates of Palanthas

(I am reading a book called to the gates of Palanthas it is the fourth book in the five book series.)

In there is a group of friends that meet up at a old in. There is Tanis the half elf, Tasselhoff (or Tas as his is most referred to), then Flint the dwarf, Rastilin the mage, Carmon his brother (the strong warrior), Strum the knight .For more click here

(That is Goldmoon the barbarian, flint, Tanis and Rastilin.)

They all meet up in the old inn (except Strum) and sit down to have a drink and they are talking about how there is talk of war. Then Strum walks in with two people from the human barbarian tribe in the plains of dust. The Barbarians sit down in front of the fire then a drunken man walks up and starts accusing them of whitch craft. The one barbarian that was the others body guard give him a light little shove to bump him back and the man fall head first into the fire this old man seeing that tells Tasslehoff to to hit him with the stick the barbarians brought in and when he did the stick glowed blue and put out the fire. Then they were chased out of the town making a run for it. Then they got all wrapped up in the dragons and the gods war.

In the second book they fought some dragons and evil armies to sum it up.

In the third book they went to get a dragon orb that will a low them to take control of a dragon(is what they think). To get the orb they had to fight through a living nightmare. Now they are separated into two groups.

That brings use to the forth one To The Gates Of Palanthas so far it started off with a elf maiden (is what they call female elf’s) leading them threw the mountains and the forests. They go past the mountains and when they get to the forest it is covered in so much fog that they have to hold hands not to get lost. Then Silvara (the elf maiden) told them to stop then she waved her hand and the mist parted to reveal a bridge of pure marble going over a hot spring that was so hot you could cook meat in it. After they crossed the bridge the found a temple of Huma a lots burial sight of the great night that slayed dragons. Once inside they Silvara cast a spell that put them all to sleep except Tas. He dove into a wind tunnel that blew him up to the top room where he found Fizban a mage that had died in the first book but was still alive. Tas told Fizban what was happening and he went down there and broke the spell and made Silvara tell them who she really was and it turned out that she was a dragon (a good dragon).

(Gold and silver dragons are good Red, Blue and White are bad.)

Meanwhile Carmon, Rastilin, Tanis, a bar maid they picked up form a war ravanged town put on a magic show to make money to go meet up with Strum and other night in the village Sancrist.

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