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The theme that a book has can make or break a book. A book often has many themes though. Some people like sad themes other scary.

The main theme in my book is war and freedom. I know that my book is about war and freedom because it has tons of army on army fights and sieges. The slaves in my book are fighting for there freedom against armies of  draconians. The last theme in my book is friendship. The whole book is about friend ship. They will not sacrifice a friend for a win in a battle.

(There weapons are a lot like the ones in the link.)

The theme of war in my book is because of all the fighting that is done. They only fight for there freedom but I will talk about freedom later. The humans, elf’s, dwarfs, kinder’s, and gnomes rage a war against the draconians and there dragons. A war also breaks out between the humans and the elf’s over a dragon orb that they think will end the war. The characters fight against all sorts of creatures to win the war. If they did not wage a war against the dragons, draconians and goblins everything would be lost. All the beautiful and peaceful would be lost to ugly and evil which they will never get back. The whole world would be drenched in the blood of loved ones.

( The death of something beautiful.)

Another theme that  is in my book is freedom. Freedom is a very important theme to me because there are tons of people fighting for freedom even now in days and that I have the right of freedom where I live. I think that the theme of freedom makes the book that much better because they are not people that are fighting for power of wealth they are fighting for themselves and others. Freedom should be the drive of every hero no everyone to do good things around the world. To help people when they are hurt, stop thieves and  think about other peoples rights. Freedom is such a big roll in my book because everyone that is fighting for good if fighting for there freedom along with everyone else and there is no other time you should kill in a war except in defense.

(Flight of a bald eagle, symbol of freedom.)

Friendship is another big one. Friendship allows a whole other type of writing. It allows the tough unmoving characters to seem just that little bit softer. It also lets them feel softer in a way that  you could imagine. Imagine if your best friend had just died for you. You would feel the same as the characters in the book.

Colored mix by OSVALDRU.

( The mixing of different personalities.)


The characters in To The Gates Of  Palanthas are Tanis, Sturm, Tasslehoff (Tas), Flint, Fizban, Caramon, Goldmoon, Riverwind, and Raistlin are the main characters. The big conflict is that the dragon armies are invading but they can’t be stopped because they have ferocious dragons above them. The actually dragon army that is marching are little dragons that can’t fly and are easily killed by a skilled swordsmen. To defeat the dragon army they have to find the good dragons and use them to fight along side them along with the dragon lances. The main thing that could end the war is the dragon orbs. The dragon orbs are made of so strong of magic that they can turn the evil dragons on themselves.

The first character Tanis is who is half elf and half human(Two races that hate each other.) He is the only elf that most people have seen that has grown a beard (Only elf’s can’t grow beards.) So he is stuck between people calling him half elfin and elf’s calling him half human. His own conflict is going on even more because he loves a elf and a human that is Caramon’s sister.

(Tanis is the one in the front loading the bow)

The second character is Sturm he is a normal height guy that is in good physical shape. His father was a knight in the country Solamnia and he wanted to become a knight too. His conflict was over come already. It was to become a knight but a very high ranking knight didn’t want him to become a knight. The high ranking knight is Derek  and he accused Strum of being a coward. The charge could mean all the way up to death for him.

( This is Sturm)

The other characters characters Tas, Fizban, Goldmoon, Riverwind don’t have a conflict among themselves. Tas is as tall as a little kid now in days along with flint . Tas has long hair and Flint has a white beard. Tas is very skinny and flint is wide. Goldmoon and Riverwind are two humans from the same barbarian tribe. Goldmoon is a tall human with shining silver hair. She also has a kind of personality that will make a person feel strong and brave. Riverwind is her husband that is very tall and muscular. His personality is very strong he always has no emotion on his face except when he is next to Goldmoon you can see love on his face.

(Tasslehoff burrfoot)

Then there is Caramon and Raistlin majere. Caramon is super strong and isn’t very bright. He is also pretty tall. His brother Raistlin is a mage that is very smart but very weak.