he Book Thief is a very good book. It has everything from death to a crush and everything between.
Rudy Stiener plays a pretty big role in the Book thief. He becomes Liesel’s best friend, “he was there for her at the begging, and he would be there later on.” He makes her feel better about her Mother abandoning her at the orphanage. Rudy Stiener is a pretty big player. He even raced her for a kiss but they tied. He is a pretty nice guy to Liesel though. Everyone else is teasing Liesel and he became her friend.

Rudy is a different kid from everyone else because he doesn’t think that it is that bad to be different from Germans. He even wanted to be black back in WWII. At one part he covered himself in charcoal and want running around pretending to be Jesse Owens. His father is part of the Nazi party His father wasn’t to happy when he saw him running around covered in Charcoal. He was actually pretty calm about it. He told him that he shouldn’t be doing that and that he told him that he has “beautiful blond and safe blue eyes.”

Rudy is my favorite character in the whole book and I can tell that him and Liesel will be good friends for a long time. He is actually a very interesting character. He is so nice to Liesel but yet so mean at times. He cares about her but can be very rude to her at the same time. One point he hit her in the face with a snowball made of mostly mud. She acts like she doesn’t care about him but it seems like she does.