In the last chapter (13-17) a lot of things happen.


In the beginning of the chapters Laurie is going to a football game to talk to her friend Amy when she gets there she is stopped by Brad another wave member that tells her that before she can go into the wave’s stands she would have to salute or go the the none wave stands. She refuses to salute and he eventually lets her go up into the stands. After that she didn’t feel like being around people like that so she left. Sunday afternoon a bunch of the schools news paper crew went to Laurie’s house to write a special paper against the wave. The paper was about the anonymous junior and the sophomore that got beet up by a bunch of guys in the wave that called him a dirty jew as well. There were also interviews with worried parents and teachers.

The next day before the paper was published Laurie went to find Amy to tell her about the stories in advance and Amy refused to listen. A short while after the paper was published and everyone was reading it everyone was talking about there own stories and people where leaving.

Mr.Ross went home that afternoon to do some research on the wave and everything. Later that night his wife came home and talked to him about how he is in trouble with the principal. At school the school newspaper had a celebration over the success of the news paper. Laurie was the last one to leave because she was cleaning everything up. When she was walking home David he ex-boyfriend walked up beside her and stop her to talk to her about the paper they got in an argument and he threw her down. When he through her down he completely forgot about the wave and just cared about her. After he apologized they went to see there Mr.Ross to talk to him about ending the wave and he told them to trust him tomorrow.

The next day Mr. Ross announced that the wave members would meet the national leader and Laurie and David burst out of there seats so Mr. Ross sent them out of the class to the principals office. Later that day they snuck into the meeting to see the wave leader and at the beginning there were just blue t.v screens. Then a kid jumped up and said to here is no wave leader is there. Mr. Ross yelled Yes there is and that was the cue for everything to get set up. A big screen came down and the projector started showing images of Hitler and the holocaust.


How did the wave grow so big that they have there own bleachers? How do they become so powerful? If they are separated from the non-members of the wave how can they say the wave makes everyone equal?

Why would the school even allow the wave to have there own bleacher, that to me sounds like they are singling out everyone else. It seems to me that the wave was turning into a massive group of bullies. If they are singling out all the non-members from just sitting with them then what else would they do to the non wave members.

How did the wave take over the whole school? If it was just a class room experiment then there would have been no problems but people made the wave a part of the football team. After just a few classes they were already recruiting people from all over the school. Soon they had the football team, some juniors and the majority of the seniors. If Laurie wouldn’t have stepped up then the wave would have taken over the school and maybe spread to other schools.

If the wave prides it’s self on making everyone equal then why do they separate themselves from everyone else that isn’t a wave member? How can everyone be equal if they look down on anyone who doesn’t join the wave. If the wave looks down on other people then they can’t say that the wave makes everyone equal, it just makes the wave members equal because they are in the wave and have to respect each other. If they try and bully a junior into joining by telling him that if he doesn’t join now it be to late to join later. Why does everyone in the wave think that the wave makes everyone equal when they single people out?

What do you think Mr.Ross meant to teach his students by showing them that Hitler would have been there national leader if he was still alive? I think that Mr.Ross’s lesson was meant to teach them about how easy it is to create a group at the beginning but near the end it was meant to teach them that they can easily be tricked that what they are doing is good for everyone not just them.