In chapters 5-8 in the book The wave some very interesting things happen to the school.

In the beginning of the chapters the kids got into to school as usually but when everyone was in the classroom they noticed that there was something written on the chalkboard. On the chalk board there was “STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE”. When Mr. Ross started to talk to the kids about discipline and the kids moaned about having to sit through another lecture. He showed them how discipline can make power. He got one of the kids in his class that is a ballet dancer to sit up straight, then he got them all to sit up straight.  After he showed them that posture help them breath and that it is a easy way to show discipline and strength. After that he got them to get up and walk into the hall and when he told them to go back to their desks, they had to get to there desks as fast as possible. The first try was disorganized and and everyone was laughing, it took the class took forty-eight seconds on their first try. He told them to  line up with the people who sit farthest away to go to the front of the line and told them to sit done. This try only took 16 seconds.

The next day he gave them a set of rules and a new line. The rules were that they had to salute any other members of the wave that they saw and give the motto’s.  Later that day David got the majority of the football team to go along with the idea of being disciplined and to work as a team not individuals.

The day after in Mr. Ross’s class they all got cards in envelopes. The cards were invitations to the wave and if you had a red X on the back of yours you were a monitor. Brain and Robert were the two with the red X’s on the backs of their cards so they had to be the monitors. The rest of the class that didn’t have red X’s seemed displeased about it.

After Mr.Ross’s class they all went to the lunch room where Laurie questioned the wave and then everyone questioned he about why when Robert started talking (he is the classroom outcast) and she saw that the wave was giving him courage and took it back.


I was really confused when Robert started to take such an interest in the wave because I thought that he would have been more of a person that would rebel against the wave because of all the discipline and persistence it takes to be apart of the wave. Robert didn’t really seem like he could be a disciplined student.

When Laurie questioned the wave in front of Brian and Robert I thought that Brian or Robert would tell Mr. Ross and Mr. Ross would single out Laurie. Instead Brain just questioned her about why and made a joke of telling Mr.Ross but Robert pointed out the fact that if she was really against the wave she would be breaking their rules and he would tell Mr. Ross.

When Mr. Ross was making them all do a salute and chant I couldn’t help but think that he was getting to caught up in the whole thing. Teaching them posture and how to be orderly is a lot different from making them stand up straight, salute and say the motto’s every time you see a wave member. To me it just sounds so much like the Nazi’s.

Everything that Mr.Ross is doing is just getting to much like the Nazi’s. He is getting way to caught up in the experiment.