In chapters 1-4 in the book the wave some pretty normal things happen. The book starts with a girl Laurie Saunders in the publications office thinking about the the school paper, will it turn out and if it will be late again.  After a while of time spent thinking about how the Paper will turn out she goes to find her friend Amy Smith. She finds Amy in the french class, the most boring class in school. So she starts making faces at her friend to make her laugh and she laughed hard. The man teaching Amy’s class was just about to open the door and yell at her when the bell rang and the whole class ran out. Later that day they went to there other class taught by Ben Ross. In his class they watched a film on Nazi Germany and the concentration camps. After the film they had a bunch of questions they asked Mr. Ross about why everyone in Germany let all the Jewish people get killed. After school ended and all the kids went home Mr. Ross couldn’t stop thinking about the questions his kids asked him and why he couldn’t answer them. That night he started looking through many different kinds of books and couldn’t find the answer to any of them. After a night a researching through many different books he still couldn’t find the answer.

What I wonder about is what he is going to do about the questions he can’t answer how is he going to deal with them the next day in class. Will he make up and answer and  it will turn in to a big thing, will he come up with an experiment like it says on the front of the book or will the experiential come later? Will What ever Mr. Ross comes up with teach the kids a lesson or will they treat it like another assignment and out their social lives first.

I wonder if some of the class will take the assignment to seriously and  start doing something about there classes attitude towards school. Maybe everyone will be interested by the subject and get into getting their work done in class instead of failing. If they all get at least interested in that one assignment they might see how easy school can be if they try.

My favorite part of the chapters was the ending where Mr. Ross is spending all night trying to find the answer to the questions about the Nazi’s and why the other Germans just let the Nazi’s kill millions of Jews. It is amazing how the question just integers everyone put there are really no solid answers. Mr. Ross was looking and looking for the answer in all of the text books and couldn’t find it in the dozen or so books he had on his table. He spent hours searching and he still couldn’t find why they let them just do that even though greatly outnumbered the Nazi’s.