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The Crash Of The Wave

In the last chapter (13-17) a lot of things happen.


In the beginning of the chapters Laurie is going to a football game to talk to her friend Amy when she gets there she is stopped by Brad another wave member that tells her that before she can go into the wave’s stands she would have to salute or go the the none wave stands. She refuses to salute and he eventually lets her go up into the stands. After that she didn’t feel like being around people like that so she left. Sunday afternoon a bunch of the schools news paper crew went to Laurie’s house to write a special paper against the wave. The paper was about the anonymous junior and the sophomore that got beet up by a bunch of guys in the wave that called him a dirty jew as well. There were also interviews with worried parents and teachers.

The next day before the paper was published Laurie went to find Amy to tell her about the stories in advance and Amy refused to listen. A short while after the paper was published and everyone was reading it everyone was talking about there own stories and people where leaving.

Mr.Ross went home that afternoon to do some research on the wave and everything. Later that night his wife came home and talked to him about how he is in trouble with the principal. At school the school newspaper had a celebration over the success of the news paper. Laurie was the last one to leave because she was cleaning everything up. When she was walking home David he ex-boyfriend walked up beside her and stop her to talk to her about the paper they got in an argument and he threw her down. When he through her down he completely forgot about the wave and just cared about her. After he apologized they went to see there Mr.Ross to talk to him about ending the wave and he told them to trust him tomorrow.

The next day Mr. Ross announced that the wave members would meet the national leader and Laurie and David burst out of there seats so Mr. Ross sent them out of the class to the principals office. Later that day they snuck into the meeting to see the wave leader and at the beginning there were just blue t.v screens. Then a kid jumped up and said to here is no wave leader is there. Mr. Ross yelled Yes there is and that was the cue for everything to get set up. A big screen came down and the projector started showing images of Hitler and the holocaust.


How did the wave grow so big that they have there own bleachers? How do they become so powerful? If they are separated from the non-members of the wave how can they say the wave makes everyone equal?

Why would the school even allow the wave to have there own bleacher, that to me sounds like they are singling out everyone else. It seems to me that the wave was turning into a massive group of bullies. If they are singling out all the non-members from just sitting with them then what else would they do to the non wave members.

How did the wave take over the whole school? If it was just a class room experiment then there would have been no problems but people made the wave a part of the football team. After just a few classes they were already recruiting people from all over the school. Soon they had the football team, some juniors and the majority of the seniors. If Laurie wouldn’t have stepped up then the wave would have taken over the school and maybe spread to other schools.

If the wave prides it’s self on making everyone equal then why do they separate themselves from everyone else that isn’t a wave member? How can everyone be equal if they look down on anyone who doesn’t join the wave. If the wave looks down on other people then they can’t say that the wave makes everyone equal, it just makes the wave members equal because they are in the wave and have to respect each other. If they try and bully a junior into joining by telling him that if he doesn’t join now it be to late to join later. Why does everyone in the wave think that the wave makes everyone equal when they single people out?

What do you think Mr.Ross meant to teach his students by showing them that Hitler would have been there national leader if he was still alive? I think that Mr.Ross’s lesson was meant to teach them about how easy it is to create a group at the beginning but near the end it was meant to teach them that they can easily be tricked that what they are doing is good for everyone not just them.


The Wave’s Force


In chapters 9-12 the wave changes and becomes stronger.

In the begging of the chapters Ben finds that his class has grown, kids that had preps and study hall time were now coming into his class for the wave. There are even a few that are skipping other class they are supposed to be in to come to the wave’s class. Later that day Laurie was in the publications office talking to everyone on the newspaper that they were going to be late again. She ended up being told that she should write about the wave since she was a member of it. That night Laurie went home and was studying that night when her mom came in and they started to talk about Robert billings and how it was like he had just joined a cult. Laurie and her mom got in a little argument  over the wave but Laurie understood where her mom was coming from.

The next Day Mr. Ross was in the teachers lounge when somebody said that he had to go down to principle Owens office. He and principle Owens had a long talk about the wave, making sure that Mr. Ross had it under control. Principle Owens asked Mr. Ross about the wave and if he would have a parade of parents coming into his office shouting about them introducing there kids to something.

When Laurie went to the publications office early that morning when she was there she found a note that was for the newspaper it said that this guy and his friends went to Mr.Ross’s class to see what the wave thing was all about when they were about to leave a senior stopped them and asked them if they wanted to join the wave two of his friends said yes, two said I don’t know and he said he wasn’t interested. The senior convinced the two friends that said I don’t know to join and then started to pressure the guy that said I don’t know he told the guy that he better join before it is to late. The letter asked, to late for what? Later that day Mr.Ross was walking down the hallway when he felt like he was being followed, he turned around and there was Roberts just smiling at him so he smiled back and kept on walking. He still felt like Robert was behind him so he turned around and there was Robert. He asked Robert why he was following him and he said because I am your body guard. Mr. Ross says “My what?” and Robert reply’s by saying I want to be your bodyguard. Seeing how much Robert had changed made Mr Ross say OK you can be my body guard.

Later that day there was a wave rally (pep rally) but Laurie didn’t want to go she told her boyfriend about how she didn’t like the wave and they got in a fight and broke up. During the wave rally Laurie was in the publications office afraid that someone might come in and take her to it but only people to come in were the school pranksters and they didn’t like the wave either. Laurie began to fear the wave a lot more at the begging of the day when she saw to guys fighting one was a member of the wave one was a non-member and was Jewish. When the fight was broken up the member of the wave yelled strength through discipline/action/ community. The other boy yelled oh shove it.


I wonder why Robert has taken such a big liking to the wave. At the beginning of the book i thought that he would have been one of the ones that would have stood up against the wave. He doesn’t seem like that type of person that like to be ordered around but he is now one of the top people in the wave because he is a monitor of the rest of them.

If Mr. Ross doesn’t want the whole wave thing to get our of hand then why did he let Robert become his body guard? I think that Mr. Ross is taking the whole wave thing even farther then the kids. I think he just gets so wrapped up in it that he forgets about everything else. I think that he has lost all control over the wave because if he couldn’t have stopped himself from carrying on at the beginning of the wave then how is he going to stop it now?

I wonder why Laurie’s boyfriend like the wave so much. It is clear that he likes the wave more then her if he is going to break up with her over something as simple as a little argument about the  wave. What keeps the kids in the wave so caught up in the wave. Is it the fact that everyone is equal or is it that they have so much more power then before over the other kids.

The Wave Grows


In chapters 5-8 in the book The wave some very interesting things happen to the school.

In the beginning of the chapters the kids got into to school as usually but when everyone was in the classroom they noticed that there was something written on the chalkboard. On the chalk board there was “STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE”. When Mr. Ross started to talk to the kids about discipline and the kids moaned about having to sit through another lecture. He showed them how discipline can make power. He got one of the kids in his class that is a ballet dancer to sit up straight, then he got them all to sit up straight.  After he showed them that posture help them breath and that it is a easy way to show discipline and strength. After that he got them to get up and walk into the hall and when he told them to go back to their desks, they had to get to there desks as fast as possible. The first try was disorganized and and everyone was laughing, it took the class took forty-eight seconds on their first try. He told them to  line up with the people who sit farthest away to go to the front of the line and told them to sit done. This try only took 16 seconds.

The next day he gave them a set of rules and a new line. The rules were that they had to salute any other members of the wave that they saw and give the motto’s.  Later that day David got the majority of the football team to go along with the idea of being disciplined and to work as a team not individuals.

The day after in Mr. Ross’s class they all got cards in envelopes. The cards were invitations to the wave and if you had a red X on the back of yours you were a monitor. Brain and Robert were the two with the red X’s on the backs of their cards so they had to be the monitors. The rest of the class that didn’t have red X’s seemed displeased about it.

After Mr.Ross’s class they all went to the lunch room where Laurie questioned the wave and then everyone questioned he about why when Robert started talking (he is the classroom outcast) and she saw that the wave was giving him courage and took it back.


I was really confused when Robert started to take such an interest in the wave because I thought that he would have been more of a person that would rebel against the wave because of all the discipline and persistence it takes to be apart of the wave. Robert didn’t really seem like he could be a disciplined student.

When Laurie questioned the wave in front of Brian and Robert I thought that Brian or Robert would tell Mr. Ross and Mr. Ross would single out Laurie. Instead Brain just questioned her about why and made a joke of telling Mr.Ross but Robert pointed out the fact that if she was really against the wave she would be breaking their rules and he would tell Mr. Ross.

When Mr. Ross was making them all do a salute and chant I couldn’t help but think that he was getting to caught up in the whole thing. Teaching them posture and how to be orderly is a lot different from making them stand up straight, salute and say the motto’s every time you see a wave member. To me it just sounds so much like the Nazi’s.

Everything that Mr.Ross is doing is just getting to much like the Nazi’s. He is getting way to caught up in the experiment.

The Beginning Of A Wave.

In chapters 1-4 in the book the wave some pretty normal things happen. The book starts with a girl Laurie Saunders in the publications office thinking about the the school paper, will it turn out and if it will be late again.  After a while of time spent thinking about how the Paper will turn out she goes to find her friend Amy Smith. She finds Amy in the french class, the most boring class in school. So she starts making faces at her friend to make her laugh and she laughed hard. The man teaching Amy’s class was just about to open the door and yell at her when the bell rang and the whole class ran out. Later that day they went to there other class taught by Ben Ross. In his class they watched a film on Nazi Germany and the concentration camps. After the film they had a bunch of questions they asked Mr. Ross about why everyone in Germany let all the Jewish people get killed. After school ended and all the kids went home Mr. Ross couldn’t stop thinking about the questions his kids asked him and why he couldn’t answer them. That night he started looking through many different kinds of books and couldn’t find the answer to any of them. After a night a researching through many different books he still couldn’t find the answer.

What I wonder about is what he is going to do about the questions he can’t answer how is he going to deal with them the next day in class. Will he make up and answer and  it will turn in to a big thing, will he come up with an experiment like it says on the front of the book or will the experiential come later? Will What ever Mr. Ross comes up with teach the kids a lesson or will they treat it like another assignment and out their social lives first.

I wonder if some of the class will take the assignment to seriously and  start doing something about there classes attitude towards school. Maybe everyone will be interested by the subject and get into getting their work done in class instead of failing. If they all get at least interested in that one assignment they might see how easy school can be if they try.

My favorite part of the chapters was the ending where Mr. Ross is spending all night trying to find the answer to the questions about the Nazi’s and why the other Germans just let the Nazi’s kill millions of Jews. It is amazing how the question just integers everyone put there are really no solid answers. Mr. Ross was looking and looking for the answer in all of the text books and couldn’t find it in the dozen or so books he had on his table. He spent hours searching and he still couldn’t find why they let them just do that even though greatly outnumbered the Nazi’s.