The book thief has lots of conflict in it about Jewish people, Liesle and society. In the story it has so much conflict in the story. The story takes place during WWII but I am focusing on the conflict in Molching.



In WWII many Jewish people where sent to the holocaust, they desperately tried to avoid been sent to a camp. They were humiliated by been marched through towns. When the Jewish people were marched through the town they were starving, dehydrated and sick. They were being treated like animals, worse then animals they were being tortured and humiliated by men who were enjoying there suffering. A lot of the conflict people see with that is external but a lot of that would be internal conflict. could you imagine how hard that would be to keep going when you are sick, dehydrated and starving to death. Max is the Jewish man they are hiding in there basement. Max went through a lot of internal conflict whether or not he should stay. He ended up leaving at the end. He also becomes very sick at one point causing lots of external conflict. It is lots of Man vs. Society



The Important Character in the story were Liesle. Liesle’s main conflict is stealing books and helping Jews. She would steal lots of books from the mayors wife, she thinks that she is stealing the books for a while but the mayors wife is letting her and one day tells her to use the door next time she wants one. Her and Rudy also helped Jewish people by laying bread on the street for the Jewish people being marched to a concentration camp.


The society has conflicts of their own they are sort of split over hating Jews and caring for them. That is a lot of Man vs. Society and lots of external conflict.