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The Inventors In Africa

Cameroon is a very big place but it is a fairly poor place too. They all have to make their own things or by things that are very expensive to them.

There are some very skilled people in Cameroon to. They have blacksmiths tailors and more. Their blacksmiths make something out of nothing there. All they use is scrap metal that they melt down into whatever they think they can sell the melt it into egg incubator, pots and pans, farming tools and even more. They are making a business in a place where it is all about making food. They can make anything that you would want to farm with. They can make a fair profit off of making there tools.

They may have started a trend and if they did then it won’t be to long until there country starts developing into a first world country. Africa is becoming more and more educated in how to make money, tools and more. If they continue to develop they may become one of the top country’s in the world. They could start manufacturing there tools. That means that there tools would be cheaper to make and that there would be more of them driving up there economy.

( found from global voices online)

If Africa’s economy went up then the countries around it would go up as well. People from different countries would move there for jobs. They would be able to manufacture more and more things allowing them to become a richer and richer country. If Africa became a rich country then they would change many things in the world. They would change world economy and U.N would be able to focus on other countries that need help with sicknesses and poverty.

If a Country was to become rich relatively fast they would get a stronger military force, but right now they are changing the lives of the people that live near them. They are making everyone’s life in their area better by supplying them with tools to grow better crops and make their ruts deeper into the ground. Better crops means better food and that means better health. We have all seen in the text books the evolution of the tools for farming and how it made everyone’s life easier and better.


Germany’s Own Molching

The book thief has lots of conflict in it about Jewish people, Liesle and society. In the story it has so much conflict in the story. The story takes place during WWII but I am focusing on the conflict in Molching.



In WWII many Jewish people where sent to the holocaust, they desperately tried to avoid been sent to a camp. They were humiliated by been marched through towns. When the Jewish people were marched through the town they were starving, dehydrated and sick. They were being treated like animals, worse then animals they were being tortured and humiliated by men who were enjoying there suffering. A lot of the conflict people see with that is external but a lot of that would be internal conflict. could you imagine how hard that would be to keep going when you are sick, dehydrated and starving to death. Max is the Jewish man they are hiding in there basement. Max went through a lot of internal conflict whether or not he should stay. He ended up leaving at the end. He also becomes very sick at one point causing lots of external conflict. It is lots of Man vs. Society



The Important Character in the story were Liesle. Liesle’s main conflict is stealing books and helping Jews. She would steal lots of books from the mayors wife, she thinks that she is stealing the books for a while but the mayors wife is letting her and one day tells her to use the door next time she wants one. Her and Rudy also helped Jewish people by laying bread on the street for the Jewish people being marched to a concentration camp.


The society has conflicts of their own they are sort of split over hating Jews and caring for them. That is a lot of Man vs. Society and lots of external conflict.

Illegal Aliens In Greece!

Greece has a lot of illegal aliens or immigrants from other country’s. The Greek Citizen Protection minister Christos Papoutsis has decided to take action against the illegal immigrants in there country. He caused an uproar over his zero tolerance policy against illegal immigrants. He says “Greek society has reached its limits in taking in illegal immigrants. I want to make it clear that only those migrants entitled to international protection or asylum will remain in our country. Everyone else will leave Greece, either through voluntary repatriation or by mandatory expulsion.” quoted from global voices online.

Christos Papoutsis proposed that there be a fence built that stretched across 12.5 km the border between Greece and Turkey. His plans caused an uproar in Greece from  the native people to the country to the immigrants. If you check tweeter, Facebook, ect you will find the anger over it everywhere. Even some companies are outraged over the idea  of building a fence and keeping out lots of immigrants and even refugees. Refugees is a really big one because those are people leaving there country in times of war, persecution or political commotion looking for safety.

I understand why they would like to stop a lot more illegal immigrants from coming to the country. If they could stop that then more jobs would be in demand and they would have a lower unemployment percentage. If they keep the immigrants coming in very low for to long then their economy will start to go down because the less people you have in the country the less money gets spent on things like homes, cars and other things that build a life.

I still think that Greece would be a great place to visit. Greece would be a very cultured country even if they had less types of people.

Is Russia Big On Internet?

Russia is huge on internet. Russia has 38 million people on there runet sites in a average day. That number grew by 40% in 2010. In Russia the amount of people on the internet is growing at a rapid rate and shows no signs of slowing down. Russia has lots of people on the internet.

Russia has a fairly fast internet service to. Their downloading speed is ranked #43 in the world at a download rate of 414 KB/s. Their upload speed is ranked #22 world wide at a upload rated of 163KB/s . Russia is a very up to date country when is comes to almost anything. They are very up to date on there internet serves but what about the people behind the laptop? They have to be able to use the speed to be computer savvy.

Russian’s sure know how to make a blog post. The most read blogs are about things already covered by mainstream media though.  One of the most viewed blogs that mainstream covered was the blue bucket protest. The Russian blogosphere will grow more and more in the new year. They will find different places to write and make new places to write too. One thing I am looking forward to is the presidential election in 2012. I am sure that there will be a lot of different type’s of blogs from Russia saying different things about the election. It is sure to make some news all around the world. They will probably be more activism going on in Russia as their country gets bigger and bigger on blogging and the internet. They will be able to connect with other people in there country easy and less noticeable to plan stuff like the little blue bucket protest.