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Bonjour mon nom est Austin. Je vivre dans Snow Lake Manitoba. Je suis très occupé sur la semaine jours. Je comme à la pratique Taekwondo et jouer à vidéo jeux. Je aussi comme Hockey et vélo. Je comme à passer temps avec amis. Je comme à pied autour de avec mon amis. Je comme tous les les saisons et tous les qui vous peut ne dans les. Je comme jouer baseball et vraiment comme swimming. Mon favori film est le consommables. Mon favori voiture est le 1980 camaro.


Martin Niemoller

First they outcast the goths
and I did not speak out –

because I was not a got.

Then they abused for the geeks
and I did not speak out –
because I was not a geek.

Then they  terrorized the nerds
and I did not speak our –
because I was not a nerd.

Then they bullied me
and there was no one left to speak for me.

The Book Thief And Rudy

he Book Thief is a very good book. It has everything from death to a crush and everything between.
Rudy Stiener plays a pretty big role in the Book thief. He becomes Liesel’s best friend, “he was there for her at the begging, and he would be there later on.” He makes her feel better about her Mother abandoning her at the orphanage. Rudy Stiener is a pretty big player. He even raced her for a kiss but they tied. He is a pretty nice guy to Liesel though. Everyone else is teasing Liesel and he became her friend.

Rudy is a different kid from everyone else because he doesn’t think that it is that bad to be different from Germans. He even wanted to be black back in WWII. At one part he covered himself in charcoal and want running around pretending to be Jesse Owens. His father is part of the Nazi party His father wasn’t to happy when he saw him running around covered in Charcoal. He was actually pretty calm about it. He told him that he shouldn’t be doing that and that he told him that he has “beautiful blond and safe blue eyes.”

Rudy is my favorite character in the whole book and I can tell that him and Liesel will be good friends for a long time. He is actually a very interesting character. He is so nice to Liesel but yet so mean at times. He cares about her but can be very rude to her at the same time. One point he hit her in the face with a snowball made of mostly mud. She acts like she doesn’t care about him but it seems like she does.

Was Hitler truly evil?

I think that Hitler was truly evil and was a man that should have been killed when the holocaust started. Hitler was often described as a very calm man when just approached as person to person but when in war planning he would scream and shout and bang the table.

Hitler was a very interesting man. By that I mean he was a pretty weird guy. He would often play pranks on his staff mainly the  Minister of foreign affairs. One time he tricked his minister of foreign affairs into thinking he was going on a suicide mission. His minister of foreign affairs ended up switching to the allies side and gave them crucial information. Hitler would eat two pounds of chocolate almost daily. He would also only take advise about the war from his advisory if his dog was healthy and happy. Hitler truly had some problems.

There were also over 21 failed attempts to assassinate Hitler. He ended up killing himself.

The scariest part of the war is that if Hitler had not started fighting against the Russians they where very likely to actually win the war.

Hitler was also a draft dodger. He was supposed to got to war for Austria but he left the country. Hitler must have been afraid to fight in a war but he was great at planning a war. Hitler was a very good leader of Germany he had gotten the Germans to accept all of his ideas and he got them to go to war thinking they were the best. Hitler convinced most if not all that they were the perfect creation and that everyone in different countries were imperfect. Everyone is imperfect, no matter where you live or what you look like no one is perfect. Even though many people knew they weren’t perfect Hitler got them to think that they were the best. He was a good leader, he was very good at talking and doing. Whenever a person who is good at talking his ideas and doing them rules the country will become strong.

Hitler was voted  into power by the German people. after he was voted in he slowly put forwards laws against Jewish people. Hitler took little steps towards the Holocaust. He took small steps to dehumanizing the Jewish people so killing 6 million people would be looked upon as killing 6 million animals. Hitler also put Germany on a war footing ( mass producing  tanks and guns and everything meant for war). Other countries noticed that and had a peace meeting about it because no one wanted to rage a war so close to WWII.

Germany was in a alliance with Italy, Russia, Japan and many more. Something that most people don’t know is that many of Germany’s alliances would often ship there Jewish people to Germany to be sent to a concentration camp. The war was basically lost for Germany when they started invading Russia. Germany was fighting from all angles at that point. Hitler was a great strategic leader of his troops until he invaded Russia. Under Hitlers rule Germany was an extremely strong country.

Hitler was truly a psychopath.

( This symbol usually means love and peace and so on. In Now people see it as war and death.)