In science we are learning about ecosystems and everything that is in a ecosystem and what it is. We learned that a ecosystem has to have biotic (living things) and abiotic (non-living things)  to be a ecosystem. We went for a nature walk to  learn about ecological succession,bio accumulation, scavengers and biospheres. We learned that ecological succession is when the forest or a part of the forest is cut down or burnt down and then little shrubs and trees start regrowing. We saw a part of land that had been cleared out but bobcats that water had built up in and made a swamp that had cattails and everything. Scavengers are organisms (animals or micro organisms)  that eat the corpse of other organisms, they can also kill very small things that are not quick or dangerous like worms.

We did not see a scavenger eating a corpse but we saw a scavenger flying around. Bio accumulation is when chemicals or other man made things build up in the ecosystem. We saw rocks that had changed colour from the mine waste covering them and soaking into them. We did not get to see what a biosphere would look like but you almost see one everyday a group of organisms or animals in a pack.

photosynthesis is also something that makes up a ecosystem. it is a plant that produces it own food through sun light and oxygen. The two things that to me really make everything you look at a ecosystem are micro organisms and decomposers. Micro-organisms make things like tables and your mouth a ecosystem because the germs are living and some are dying. Decomposers are one of the most important things in our ecosystem they are the micro-organisms or full grown animals that eat the dead body of a animal that died from another organism or disease.