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In school we are working with people from Wingham and for this blog post i am doing the similarities and difference.

I noticed that a lot of the people  in Wingham like to play mw2 just like a few of us in Snow Lake just like me I like to quick scope and 360 people on my ps3. No people in my class play mw2 on x box 360 though.

I noticed that a a lot of people like to go outside and ride motor bikes or bicycles like here in Snow Lake. The kids in Wingham like to play a verity of  different spots like hockey, soccer and lots of other different sports. While Snow lake kids mainly had down volley ball and some hockey.

I also noticed that lots of the students in Snow Lake and in Wingham both like to go on Facebook. Most people from Wingham have a after school jobs sometimes. Most of the Snow Lake kids don’t have after school jobs.

I like to play video games and sports and I do alright in school. My favorite video game is Modern Warfare Two. At first I was really bad at it now I can get nukes easily and long shot quick scopes. My Favorite sport is hockey or Taekwondo because there very physical sports and I like to be physical.


Another Year!!! YA!

Another year, another day, more fun to be had. I would like to be home playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2  but over all I enjoy school a lot. My name is Austin and I life in a small town called Snow Lake. There is stuff to do here but not as much stuff as in the city but we have some fun here. We go Dirt biking and Ski-doing along with Hockey, Martial arts, and gaming out. Live in Snow lake for me is relaxed and calm. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have interesting times here and there. A few years ago my mom got a piece of glass right threw her had when she slipped at the dump. I also lost a family member this summer that I would rather not talk about.  We even have an annual car show that is pretty cool.