The author of my book uses a lot of quotes that are able to be made by the detail she uses. She will describe a weapon very well just to use it in a quote later in the book. “The half-elf felt a shudder run through his body, a pain as swift and as sharp as a elven spear.”

The author has very good detail in the writing. Not so much that it is boring to read and not so little that we have barley any idea about the person. The Author writes just enough description that you have a good idea of what they look like but you can still add your own imagination to it. She also adds very little description to the character that you aren’t meant to like. The people that are evil though are described very well. There are the evil people in this book and the evil gods then there are the people that you don’t like.

( The evil dark queen along with some minor characters.)(The guards)

Then there are some parts that aren’t described that well like the description of  the statue of Raistlin. “Looming out of the swirling mist, rising nine feet in the air was a stone statue carved in perfect likeness to the young mage.” To me that is a bad description because Raistlin was one of the characters they gave a very brief description on. To someone else that might be a could description. Maybe because they like imagining the characters.

(That is Raistlin and I was sort of surprised when I saw that. I didn’t picture him that way.)