(I am reading a book called to the gates of Palanthas it is the fourth book in the five book series.)

In there is a group of friends that meet up at a old in. There is Tanis the half elf, Tasselhoff (or Tas as his is most referred to), then Flint the dwarf, Rastilin the mage, Carmon his brother (the strong warrior), Strum the knight .For more click here


(That is Goldmoon the barbarian, flint, Tanis and Rastilin.)

They all meet up in the old inn (except Strum) and sit down to have a drink and they are talking about how there is talk of war. Then Strum walks in with two people from the human barbarian tribe in the plains of dust. The Barbarians sit down in front of the fire then a drunken man walks up and starts accusing them of whitch craft. The one barbarian that was the others body guard give him a light little shove to bump him back and the man fall head first into the fire this old man seeing that tells Tasslehoff to to hit him with the stick the barbarians brought in and when he did the stick glowed blue and put out the fire. Then they were chased out of the town making a run for it. Then they got all wrapped up in the dragons and the gods war.

In the second book they fought some dragons and evil armies to sum it up.

In the third book they went to get a dragon orb that will a low them to take control of a dragon(is what they think). To get the orb they had to fight through a living nightmare. Now they are separated into two groups.

That brings use to the forth one To The Gates Of Palanthas so far it started off with a elf maiden (is what they call female elf’s) leading them threw the mountains and the forests. They go past the mountains and when they get to the forest it is covered in so much fog that they have to hold hands not to get lost. Then Silvara (the elf maiden) told them to stop then she waved her hand and the mist parted to reveal a bridge of pure marble going over a hot spring that was so hot you could cook meat in it. After they crossed the bridge the found a temple of Huma a lots burial sight of the great night that slayed dragons. Once inside they Silvara cast a spell that put them all to sleep except Tas. He dove into a wind tunnel that blew him up to the top room where he found Fizban a mage that had died in the first book but was still alive. Tas told Fizban what was happening and he went down there and broke the spell and made Silvara tell them who she really was and it turned out that she was a dragon (a good dragon).


(Gold and silver dragons are good Red, Blue and White are bad.)

Meanwhile Carmon, Rastilin, Tanis, a bar maid they picked up form a war ravanged town put on a magic show to make money to go meet up with Strum and other night in the village Sancrist.

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