We all know that electronics are made not to mess up and most of the time it is us but have you ever had a pop up come and say you need to do a update straight from i-tunes or just your computer. Then it crashes you take it in and they say oh well you shouldn’t have done that on wireless internet. Why did it pop up then? It said it wanted it done. That is like us saying we are going to jump in the ocean with sharks when we can’t swim. It will never end good. Those movies about robots toking over the world are very unrealistic. They would dress them up as humans and then they would kill each other because they would just kill everything that moved or looked like a human. They do incredible things but when it comes to common sense they are just plain stupid! That annoys me they let you do something that could terminate them or is it just the people operating them or the people that made them. Them or use send me a comment saying them of us please.