There are lots of heroics people in the word. They are called hero’s. Hero’s do stuff for people without wanting anything in reward. Not just by them a cookie either. They fight monsters in roman legends. In real life they risk there lives for other people just to help them or invent new things. To be a hero you have to dedicate your life to something you should also be able to accept losing lots of treasured things along the way. Hero’s are people of great importance in literature. They also have special births, destinies, go on quests, they earn a special reward, and they have a special death. Lots of those hero’s aren’t real though. Real hero’s are like Terry fox, and Martin Luther king.

The one I am doing is Billy Bishop though. He had an amazing 72 victories. Billy Bishop was described as a fantastic shot but a terrible pilot. One reason I think he is a hero is because he help the Allies win 72 battles. He may have killed a few people but he did it to save lots more people. Billy Bishop was a hero because he was willing to give his life to help us win the war but he didn’t die in the war he died in his sleep. He dedicated his life to fighting in planes.