If I had one wish for the world what would it be? There are many needs in the world. We are very lucky to live where we do. We live good lives basically by accident of geography. We were lucky to be born were we were. If we had been born somewhere else, our lives would probably be different. we need to be thankful for that and at this time of year especially; we need to think about others. We are lucky that we don’t live in south Africa where it has made a reputation of being the crime capital of the world.

In most parts of the world the judges do not sentence women that are mothers to jail so they can stay with there kids. In California they don’t gender base there sentences to be fair to men and women alike. In California they also have accommodations for children born in jail to stay with there mothers.
Some people are wrongly charged. Fifty nine percent of people wrongly convicted are African American. The smallest percentage is Asian American. That is one thing that influences peoples opinion is if they look dangerous or if the person is racist.

The effect of world crime is that they effect everyone to some degree and they cause social and economic problems to the world. The solution could be that you are only allowed to get so physically strong if you are more mentally strong because they are getting to strong physically and not mentally and that is causing most of the crime. This my wish because if the world didn’t have crime we would be so much farther in electronics and we would have a few more people on the earth helping to move the world forward. If you would like to read more about crime please click here.