(First I am going to list the things that happened in chapters nine to twelve.) In chapters nine to twelve lots of stuff happened like Johnny dieing and the big rumble. Other things that happened where Dally getting shot by the cops for robbing a store, and Ponyboy and Darry fighting and then soda running away.

When Johnny die I could see that coming from the time that he broke his back to the time that he die. The big rumble they had with the socs (woot woot that was good) Ponyboy couldn’t find anyone his size to take so he took the next smallest thing. He was getting beaten pretty bad then the gang help out a little taking a few at once every now and then. but when Dally I thought that that was awesome when Ponyboy and Dally where fighting those guys they were great. After the rumble Johnny die and Dally got really angry I thought that Dally was going to go and kill everyone in the hospital. Later that night he robed a store and the cops came after him and shot him I couldn’t believe that Dally had died he was the best one of them all always screwing around and every thing he was pretty funny. When Ponyboy and Darry started fighting a tried to drag Soda into it he ran away I thought that was pretty sad but it turned into them getting closer together and that was great i thought that the book was great and if you only read one book it should be this one and I have another book you guy would like but that is for another post. If you would like to read more about the outsiders click here