In chapters five to the end of eight Ponyboy and Johnny were sleeping in a old church. I thought that was weird how it was on a hill and no one ever came to see the view from up there or that the church wasn’t a good hang out spot. Then when they cut Ponyboy’s hair and he said he felt like a pansy I had to laugh. When the church was burning down I couldn’t think of anything to say but I saw that coming. I don’t that Johnny and Ponyboy started that fire I think that those kids that went in the church started the fire.

Now Johnny is in the hospital for a broken back and Dally got his arm burnt putting out the fire on Ponyboy’s back. I think that Johnny is hurt because it’s karma’s way of getting him back for killing Bob. Johnny’s mother came to see him and Johnny didn’t want to see he because she was so rude and she yelled at Ponyboy and two bit for keeping him away from home. I thought what is wrong with that women. What would make her so rude. If you want to see a summery of chapter eight click here.