In the chapters one to three nothing much happens the book catches use up to what happened before the book. Then on chapter four all kinds of stuff stared to happen.

At chapter three they went to the movies and pick up two girls named Marcia and Cherry. then they walk them home which was a bad idea because they lived in the socs part of town and there ex boyfriends drove by and got out which had me a little scared for awhile. Later that night Ponyboy’s  brother Darry hit him and Ponyboy ran away. He met up with Johnny at the park when a bunch of socs came up in a blue mustang and attacked Ponyboy and Johnny .They held ponyboy’s head under water in the park and then suddenly the guy just let go when Ponyboy got his head out of the water he looked at Johnny and Johnny said I KILLED HIM.

My take on all that stuff that happened is that it is pretty crazy and that Marcia and Cherry should have known that there ex boyfriends would act like that but they just did what they did and almost got Johnny and Ponyboy killed. I also think that Darry shouldn’t have hit Ponyboy and he wouldn’t be in that mess if Darry would learn how to control his temper. I also think it could be Ponyboy’s fault because he could have had a more mature was of dealing with getting hit then running away.My last opinion is that Johnny could have just injured him like slice his arm and when they go to look at there arm they could have ran instead of killing the dude.