My blog post today is about conflicts and I would like to talk about some of the different conflicts there are. There is Man vs Man. That would be one person fighting another person like trying to kill each other or they argue with each other. One example would be of  say the die hard movies where he is against all these people that are trying to stop him from doing what he wants to do and he wants to stop the bad guys from there goal. Another kind of conflict is Man vs Nature. Man vs Nature is a man up against the wilderness and animals. A example is the t.v show Survivor Man where the guy goes of in the woods in the middle of say a swamp where all he has to survive with is the wreckage of a airplane and his bag to survive seven whole days.

One cool one I like is Man vs Society. I like that kind of stuff the the rebellions and stuff like that. A Example would be the last Die Hard movie  where the guy is going to do a fire sale and the whole society is against him and he almost does it but gets beat. Another one would be Man vs Himself. I was reading a short story called the sniper where the guy gets shot in the arm and he is try to pick up his riffle but his forearm is dead but he keeps on trying. You can read the story here. I read another story on lather and nothing else it was about Man vs Himself.