School is alright. Most of the time its fun even you get to hang out with your friends. When the teacher get mad you listen and don’t have fun you war hard. My teacher doesn’t yell that much though so I have fun everyday. This kid behind me is really funny his name is Nick and he can think of a joke any time about anything. There is a ton of cool people in my town and it makes for fun weekends. I like how school is and how it is so calm and easy at this grade. I am in grade six by the way. School can get annoying though. When its the end of the year and you have to get a bunch of  work done but you just want to be outside. Anyways we have this Egypt and ancient Rome wiki that we had to do mine is on education. If you want to see my part of it click here if you want to see the whole thing click here. We also have to do a readers work shop where we read part of a book and write a bout it each week. I am doing mine on The fire demons the mole wars. I am still waiting for the second book. The library was supposed to get it over seven months ago and they still don’t have it! This is my second time reading this book it is very good. I would recommended it to anyone that like good description of creepy thing. Like big bugs aliens that are called mages and they use powerful magic to destroy the fire demons that wrecked there home planet. It is the best book I have read in a long time. Another good series is the over lander.